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I’m dedicated to making this site the only thing you’ll need when you are trying to learn algebra.

But some times it’s just plain better to meet one-on-one with a tutor. I’ve spent YEARS as a tutor and completely understand if you want more than this site can give you. Some people learn better when they can ask questions on the spot, need to cram a little for that big test right around the corner, or just study harder when they have a set time they HAVE to break open the books. I love tutoring, and get a lot of satisfaction when students thank me for teaching them something they were hung up on. I love it even more when they score well on exams, or make a good grade in a class they were afraid of. Unfortunately the nature of tutoring is that you need someone who lives close to you. I would love to offer tutoring, and might offer some workshop type courses, but right now I just can’t.

I Want You To Learn Algebra Faster, Even If It’s Not With This Site

This site is called Learn Algebra Faster because that is my only goal. I wish the information, videos, and tutorials were what made EVERYONE learn algebra faster, but some people learn faster with one-on-one tutoring. Knowing that this site may only be part of the solution for you, I wanted to at least give a recommendation for those who prefer in person tutoring.

In order to make an option available to you, I have searched long and hard on the internet to try and find a tutoring service to recommend that has a good reputation, is affordable, and can help the most people. I’ve searched through official companies, local programs, and nationally branded education services with the goal of giving one recommendation that I confidently stand behind that will work for lots of people.

My Recommendation

I give full recommendation to WyzAnt (pronounced Wise-Ant) Tutoring.

They have an incredible amount of tutors in their database, covering almost any topic you can think of. They have tutors for Algebra (of course!) but also have tutors for foreign languages and even have tutors that specialize in standardized test prep. The tutoring is at reasonable hourly rates, and you can prepay for discounted prices. Each tutor has testimonials and a rank (up to 5 stars) from their past appointments. All you have to do is enter your location and contact a tutor to set up an appointment.

Still Not Convinced?

The more I read about WyzAnt, the more I was impressed. When I called to ask questions (believe it or not, their phone number is right there at the top of the page, and they actually answer) about privacy and safety, I was very happy. Each tutor gets background checked and it’s very common for the tutor to meet (for free if you ask) you before you have to commit to paying them. If that doesn’t satisfy you they’ll refund your first hour of tutoring without hassle if it isn’t a good fit.

The company is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (proof) and has been rated since 2007. They handle payments securely through the website so you’re never in a situation where you are physically handing money to the tutor, preventing disputes. You don’t even have to provide the tutor your own name and email until you meet in person, so you (or your student, if you’re a parent like me) are protected.


If you visit WyzAnt by clicking any link from this site and contact a tutor through the email form on their website, I will earn a small commission. My goal is to give you a recommendation that you will respect and appreciate, that’s why I’ve done my homework before making a suggestion.

I would very much appreciate it if you visited their site by clicking any of the links on this site. Doing so does NOT add any additional cost to you but if you don’t feel comfortable, you can certainly visit their site or other tutoring services by typing them in to your browser or search engine.

I’m confident they will give you several options for qualified tutors and your privacy will be taken seriously. If you’re at all interested in a tutoring service, I encourage you to look through their site, read the tutor bios, and contact one if you think it will benefit you.


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